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Sekonic L-478D Lightmaster Pro

Advanced light meter, touchscreen interface; accurate exposure readings.

€ 10 | Background paper

Choose between 20 different colours

€ 10 | Manfrotto MK055XPRO3-3W Aluminium Tripod Kit

Robust tripod, fluid head, designed for stability and precision.

€ 10 | Manfrotto MVK500AM Pro Video statiefkit

Video tripod system, fluid drag head; smooth panning and tilting.

€ 10 | Manfrotto Stand Air Cush

Secure light stand, air cushioned; minimizes equipment damage.

€ 10 | SMDV Speedbox A100

Slightly smaller variant, optimal for on-location shoots.

€ 10 | SMDV Speedbox A110

Durable softbox, quick setup, efficient light control.

€ 10 | SMDV Speedbox A90

Compact softbox, portable, consistent light spread.

€ 10 | Sony Profoto Air Remote TTL-s

Wireless trigger for Sony; precise TTL and manual flash synchronization.

€ 10 | € 10 | Profoto OCF adapter

Adapter for off-camera flashes, supports various light shaping tools.

€ 15 | Profoto Softbox 2’x3’ 60x90

Controlled light shaping tool, soft diffusion, versatile for multiple setups.

€ 15 | Profoto Softbox 3’x4’ 90x120

Larger softbox, even lighting, perfect for portrait and product photography.

€ 15 | Sony E18-105mm F/4.0 Powerzoom

APS-C lens with smooth zooming, consistent aperture, and clear optics.

€ 20 | Sennheiser EW512 G4 Zenderset

Professional wireless microphone system; crystal clear audio transmission.

€ 25 | Atomos Ninja V

5-inch monitor-recorder, HDR capabilities, 4K recording; essential tool for videographers.

€ 25 | Profoto A10 Flitser voor sony

Flash with fast recycle time, TTL, and reliable Sony integration.

€ 30 | Nanlite Mixpanel 150 RGBww Ledpanel

RGB LED panel, diverse color spectrum, creative lighting possibilities.

€ 35 | Sony FE 24-70mm F/2.8 GM II

Versatile zoom lens, sharp imagery, fast aperture; ideal for varied photography styles.

€ 40 | Nanlite Forza 500B II Bicolor

Powerful LED light, adjustable color temperatures, studio or location use.

€ 5 | Glare One Bounce Board

Reflective board, enhances light direction and quality, 5 colours.

€ 5 | Profoto Deep Silver M Umbrella 105 cm

Metallic umbrella; crisp light reflection and contrast enhancement.

€ 5 | Profoto Deep White M Umbrella 105 cm

Large, white umbrella; soft light diffusion for professional shoots.

€ 5 | Profoto OCF Magnum reflector

Boosts light output, creates contrasting and focused light.

€ 5 | SMDV Speedring Bowens

Adapter for Bowens mount lights; versatile for different modifiers.

€ 5 | SMDV Speedring Profoto

Mount adapter for Profoto lights; ensures snug softbox fit.

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€ 50 | FX30 Cinemaline body

Compact, S-Cinetone look, high dynamic range with S-Log3, Dual Base ISO, enhanced workflow features.

€ 55 | DJI RS3 Pro Stabiliser

Advanced gimbal for professional filmmakers; seamless stabilization, intuitive controls, and robust build.

€ 70 | Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit

Powerful dual-light setup, compact design, consistent color accuracy.

€ 75 | Sony A7RV body

61 megapixels, AI autofocus, fast BIONZ XR processing, 8K video, enhanced 8-stop stabilization.

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€ 75 | Sony A7SIII body

Full-frame, 4K 120fps video, enhanced low-light performance, advanced autofocus, 10-bit color, high-speed processing, and robust build.

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