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€ 50 | FX30 Cinemaline body

Compact, S-Cinetone look, high dynamic range with S-Log3, Dual Base ISO, enhanced workflow features.

€ 50 |  FX30 Cinemaline body

Equipment rental available only with confirmed studio booking. Payment and deposit required on-site

Sensor: APS-C 4K
Processor: Bionz XR
Recording in 4K 120p and FHD 240p
Internal five-axis image stabilization
+14 stop dynamic range
Picture profiles: S-Cinetone, s709 + S-Log3, HLG
Custom LUT available
Filming in 10-bit 4:2:2
ISO: 100 – 32000 and dual Base ISO (800/2500)
Breathing compensation
Fast (eye) AF tracking (human, animal, bird)
Screw holes for attaching accessories
Lens mount: Sony E
Battery: NP-FZ100 (16.4Wh)
Dimensions: 129.7 x 77.8 x 84.5mm
Weight: 562 grams

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